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Edith's perception and intuitive talents are absolutely brilliant and very rare. In one hour on Skype, she assisted me in dissolving years of emotional sorrow, fear and shame. I have absolute confidence in her and recommend her to anybody.


Testimonial Food

What people say about

'Transform Your Relationship With Food' Class

The lightness is with me every day and your program has something to do with this.


I reduced my weight by almost 10 kg (22 lbs), my body and I communicate, the points of view disappear one by one, my body is different, I move on, it is extraordinary!


I have never felt anything like this! I love it!


Thanks to you!


Testimonials Asking the Universe

What people say about

'Asking the Universe' Class

''Since I followed one of Edith’s 3-month Coaching Programs, my life became a playground where everything is possible.


Connecting to our consciousness allows us to simply make choices and invite ease in our lives and living.


Everything I have undertaken so far succeeds, and there's no limits. As an example, I had the certainty that I did not know how to sing. Thanks to her initiation to the questions and her clearings, I worked on this topic. Now, it's fun for me to sign, and I can create an emotion with my voice.


She is more than a facilitator, she has the finesse to reveal what is best in everyone, she has the generosity to transmit her knowing with caring and without reserve.’’


Sebastien, France 

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